He never did in the first place. HOW ON EARTH IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN?Psychosis is the most well written creepy pasta I have seen by far. They describe the scenes in this story so well, putting brain-assaulting images in your head that are difficult to remove. Tons of pictures to accompany the story make it all the more believable and thrilling. This ending is honestly really dark but it kind of resembles real life. Worth the read ten times over. It reminds us how fragile the human mind is. Somewhat crazy and funny videos that got uploaded to eBaum's World by our community and then got FEATURED on the front page. Powerful, dark, sinister loop in drum and bass genre with strong breakbeat drum beats, heavy deep sub bassline with neuro layers, creepy background ambiance, synthesizer stabs, angry industrial metallic scratches and much more. When I first read it... At night by the way... Around midnight. The picture is the only thing I found creepy. I grew dizzier and my breathing seemed to grow difficult, possibly as and attempt to hold back vomiting. The creepypasta was poorly written. Great for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, films and video games. Horror-styled instrumentation is frequently softened with more magical-like musical phrases. A scary haunting creepy atmospheric. This track will make you feel like in a blurry dream, a very haunting and scary cinematic atmosphere that makes you jump at night. This guy is creepy. A lot of people would be all like 'how can he follow me? He probably thinks I'm dead now LOL. There are a plot holes, especially when the parents of these kids that are lured into the house don't even bother that their kids are missing. One thing I don't like is that he is one of slendersGoon. That song it sounds like this: oahoaaoaooahaohaoahaoaho. It's amazing how stories like these use the emotion of fear and use it against you. May be used as a backdrop for spooky scenes, funny and tricky moments etc. Conveys a sense of menace, fear and mystery. It took a while for people to realize, unfortunately. He wanted to smile at the man's steadfast resolve, a reminder of the human will to survive, but he knew that the patien was delusional.After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.The doctor wanted to smile. Eerie and creepy evil circus track featuring brass, toy piano, calliope organ and percussion. I wish I could have viewed the sequel, but either it isn't posted yet or I just can't find it anywhere. I wouldn't actually be surprised if something this messed up actually happened online. This bone-chilling tale is riveting and the pure definition of the horror genre. In all honesty, I wasn't able to get through the whole creepypasta. Not to mention the fact that this is one of the only creepypastas with a compelling story. Creepypasta is defined as horror stories on the internet, and oh wow guess what, videos are visually telling a story! This is a long read, but totally worth it. It's actually really pretty. It's a little creepy but mostly really weird and interesting. This is brilliantly written, disturbing, and above all else, realistic. Squidward starts to look scared. A haunting harpsichord, church organ and a full orchestra build to a pulsing horror filled climax. It's literally horrifying not only the gore described but for me more some of the things said through those undergoing the experiment. ok so basicly pinkie pie is a maniac who traps people in chambers and cuts off their body parts to put on hers. Features theremin, harpsichord, pizzicato strings, vibraphone, organ, choir, creepy cartoon sounds, and more. I'd read creepypastas before, but this is the creepypasta that got me into creepypastas! A couple of years ago we published a post titled 131 funny, geeky and creepy questions to ask Cortana. 4Kids apparently thought it too scary for the English dub, so it was edited out. I don't know if I'd recommend reading it or never reading it but it's the best creepypasta. After playing however people start booing, even Spongebob, who's eyes look extremely realistic. When we both went out to go look at the footage we saw him on one of the frames. Ok now here is my rant on why Jeff is actually the worst Creepypasta.This kid has no excuse for his attitude, his strength, or his amount if FANGIRLS. Doesn't mean people don't die in my dreams... Not scary, but disturbing. A strange, alluring yet menacing string piece. Oh wait... but isn't he supposed to be described as a really fast and quiet monster? The perfect couple. I have one word of advice for those who want to read this piece of literature... DON'T FALL ASLEEP. " It was barely readable, written in the shaky script of one who could not see. Great for sport events, epic blockbuster trailers, video game demonstrations, promotional videos. A strong mechanical, industrial, hybrid feel. This one is insanely chilling. A rhythmic, powerful, thundering electronica with a rough industrial percussive sound. Expansive hybrid orchestra sound provides suspense and adventure merged with an energetic tempo and deep mysterious vibe. Creepy, and intimidating hip-hop vs. trap music. Ched-arrrrgh! As well as he can easily tackle you and even kill you. Suspenseful, instrumental, acoustic piano and orchestra music for tv, film, video, game, ad. When we took the S.D. Dog. Ideal as a backdrop for comedy or Halloween video game or movie. Perfect for Halloween and horror projects about circus or clowns. It was also a good combination of bizarre and unsettling, and the author did a good job at making it believable; I usually think of things featured in creepypastas as being a pile of nonsense, but I actually thought the videos were real. I've read Jeff the killer, slenderman, squid wards suicide, BEN drowned... And nothing has given me the creeps like this story did. NO! Rap Life Apple Music Hip-Hop A-List Pop Apple Music Pop R&B Now Apple Music R&B Superbloom Apple Music Pop ... Conan Gray talks about his song "Overdrive" plus Wallows and NF. I'm not scared of it much thanks to reading it about more than 5 times. Creepy and spooky Halloween orchestral music with lead violins and strings. Featuring drums, bass, glitch percussion, and synths. If you don't know the creepypasta, it goes something like this:"The show started off normal, with Squidward playing his instrument at a concert. This is the best. Creepy, tense and spooky orchestral track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies. Jeff is creepy, not perfect but creepy!I must say that Jeff was NOT my first creepypasta which also shows that it is creepy enough to be a number one. This goes on and on.". When he follows me when I hide he gives me this creepy smile. Why does the Pope love Swiss cheese so much? Definitely check it out when you have time. Cool and interesting. Not to mention the fact that it was well written and also an original story and it's my favorite and should be higher on the list. This is a great story to show a journey to insanity. If you are stupid enough to listen, then try Missing Frequencies. One second is a normal emo teen that has too much of a drama issue. Top 10 Worst Things to Be Magically Turned Into, Top 10 Man Made Landmarks in the United States, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. I was especially disturbed by the descriptions of the murdered children (especially since I am the big sister of two small children myself).It essentially left me in a state of terror, disgust, and shock. Laughing Jack was a great hit, although his author seems to be a bit, well... not going into that. Saying that he isn't a creepypasta and Marble Hornets isn't because it's not a original and based off the slenderman, newsflash: a hell of a lot of creepypastas are based off another, like Jane the Killer! I am actually quite scared of his character as he is shown to appear out of no where and is very aggressive. I hope no one else she's this trail camera cause they would be in deep trouble. I'm sure you will change your mind. He has no eyelids, so it's very easy to just remove his eyes. That's pretty awesome. Eyeless Jack is an unoticed creepypasta, everyone puts him in the corners or in a small space in fanart and I'm sick of it, he desurves more respect his story is amazing and I'm not talking about the sightings of him I'm talking about the origin story, he is a well brought out character and he's my favortive creepypasta so if you read this just know that he needs lovin, way more than jeff or ben please support this character for zalgos sake, thank you. But the writing just... didn't feel real! Featuring a toy piano, an out of tune music box and a creepy backing drone. Could he be Smile Dog? It's not exactly lose-sleep scary, but it's a great thrill ride and puts an amazing twist on the beloved original game. I may or may not have laughed at them. Dark, atmospheric and creepy orchestral track that sends a shiver down the spine. Drake — ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ (feat. Anyway, I think it deserves more attention 'because a lot is happening in there. and blood everywere. So much blood...So much thick, chunky, yellow blood... " THAT was my favorite part when I first read it. ... A bite. if I was lying- I wouldn't do it because I don't like being scared, This one is really really creepy. However, it is then revealed that Candle Cove isn't what it seems to be... Its one of the best short-really-short origibal pastas I have ever read. Great for dark scenes and investigation documentaries. Quirky and comic, scary and eerie track, representing the Halloween's magical world. What is a pirate’s favorite cheese? Halloween style children's piece with a 'haunted house' feel. Some might even call it excruciating. Standing there. But that's just me, I love twisted things, good become evil. This creepypasta is much better than Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Sonic.exe, and is even better than Candle Cove, Smile Dog, and Abandoned by Disney. He is a serial killer who carved a smile into his face. In my opinion it should be the top. That post had a fantastic engagement. The story was so detailed that I imagined that I was the intern staring at the screen, wondering what the heck I was witnessing. It is my favorite creepypastas and obe of the first oes I read. Masky also scares me as where ever he is, slenderman is sure to be close by. The It List: The Irish accents of 'Wild Mountain Thyme,' reality show drama in 'House of Ho,' and more pop culture highlights of the week Massive props to the writer for creating this masterpiece of a story! It looks like somebody copy and pasted a smile from a pre-existing photo onto a photo of a dog and added a filter. When I first read the story, it didn't really scare me. I had a really creepy dream when I started looking up creepypasta. They say it cause suicides. What happened? The whole story seems impossible. Ashley Kossakowski: Often when something bad happens, my friends and I say “we laugh and laugh and laugh” to kind of make fun of the situation. My favorite creepy pasta is The Stairs. If you wanna read this one, it'll take up to 4 hours to read but it's totally worth it. One of the best in my opinion. Great for sci-fi movies, alien invasion scenes, war military conflicts, ominous danger moments, etc. Perfect to create a mysterious or psychedelic ambiance, mysterious suspense mood or ominous atmosphere. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's scary but definitely disturbing with the fact it's Pinkie Pie torturing Rainbow Dash to death to make cupcakes. It's also well written which helps to build the mood just right. 86. Feta wap. Featuring mallet instruments, percussions and synthesizers. Its where if you read a certain creepypasta you will be scared. Not keep you up all night scary but creepy and best of all believable. Was I spooked by how realistic it seemed to be. Mysterious, and spooky Halloween orchestral music with waltz motives. The goosebumps have not stopped ever since the reading. Yet copies are all over the internet or YouTube. even I know this and I'm not a fan of her so please stop calling her Jane the killer and call her by her real nickname Jane everlasting, I used to watch MLP (my little pony) when I was little. Ideal soundscape to create a nightmarish ambience for scenes about supernatural, midnight time, post-apocalyptic world, walking deads, creepy cemetery, etc. I was scared. I like Slenderman simply because of the sheer amount of mystery surrounding him.We know next to nothing about this being. As the song progresses, they add different layers. Why was this not in the top ten?! Great for any Halloween projects and animations with Dracula, skeletons, witches, Frankenstein, ghosts, monsters, zombies, vampires, pumpkin, bat, Transylvania castle, gremlins, and more. It blew me away when I read the ending. There he was, crouched down. This is the good … Well I didn't mean horrifying, when I first read it I stood there and thought this isn't scary and then turned to Jeff Returns, that's where I started to get freaked out. Below, that is not the story. She also is a killer that doesn't kill innocent people (unlike Jeff the Killer), Jane deserves to come 2nd on the list with jeff. The doctor read the paper the patient had scribbled on. Because the more you think of it, the more it haunts you. And we ate kidney beans in tribute to him (laugh out loud it was gross). I'm not saying that everyone draws him like this but seriously the hell. Good to use in videos, games and kids events. Sometimes he has God-like powers and sometimes he gets punched and so he is also very inconsistent with his abilities. BEN is a figure who takes on the form of the Elegy of Emptiness statue of Link's human form in the title: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I creat my own creepypastas and send them online she has ben a good insperation also smile. To recap;1. A smile. This song is the prime example of what I've long believed: Sting is Bono without the talent. He later slits his mouth to smile forever, and goes psycho, killing all of his family and goes on a killing spree. My cousins dog, Boston, has this very creepy smile like smile dogs when we play hide n seek at night. It was chilling and I watched the video, and I had no idea what I was looking at. Knock It was so graphic, disturbing, and violent. Not every child killed themselves, though. This thing scared me so bad, it's been nearly a year and I can't sleep. I first found out about it on Instagram about a year ago. May be used as a backdrop for spooky scenes, funny and tricky moments etc. At Bianca's party, the lights go dark, and spooky laughter comes out of nowhere. Dark and eerie, featuring atmospheric drones and a sinister bass loop, create an eerie, mysterious, ominous mood. Useful for kids games and apps involving witches, weird creatures, strange landscapes, spooky characters etc.. Spooky, weird and mysterious track will add suspense and fear to your project. A creepy and dark ambient music featuring dissonant sound noises over a dark scary drone. This haunting and mysterious melody is perfect for horror or psychological films, scary moments. He wanted to wisper words of encouragement to the delusional man. Masky, and his Partner Hoodie, need to be more recognized as actual creepypastas! I learned about this on amazon prime the stuff called role play Creepypasta it’s epic. His mother keeps on having strange dreams about him, and "Pop Goes The Weasel." All the gore and cutting you read makes you unconfortable. The Importance of Being Megan Thee Stallion — The rapper is at the top of her artistic game, finishing college, and defending her right to be young, Black, and free.— Megan Thee Stallion isn't hurting for stage time. A haunting and mysterious modern orchestral track that builds to an ominous climax. But Penpal... Well, let's just say that Penpal gave me a dose of paranoia and maybe a bit of insomnia. I might be afraid of the dark now. Amazing! We all screamed and ran the whole 3 miles home. This story is very interesting, convincing and well thought out. One of them being the picture. CREEPY! Jeff never did anything for me, although the picture is creepy. My favorite Creepypasta ever. Not to mention fairly unpredictable. Suspenseful and creepy track featuring piano, bells, and percussion. Harry points out an Evil Laugh again in Dead Beat when he encounters the vampire Mavra. He carved a scar into my arm. The song and music video exemplify the strength of the human spirit in the face of dire circumstances and might just provide that little bit of inspiration we all need right now. Lavender Town is a true Creepypasta about a song in a Pokemon game. But I still think smile dog is creepy and scary. Perfect for new product lunch, powerlifting videos, MMA fights, robotic factory, advanced weapons, extreme sports, high tech productions. I've heard the Lavender Town music, and I can honestly say I love it. It was only found out a couple of years ago by explorers that it closed due to a brain eating amoebi in the water. Some are exclusive like for an example say if you read a squidwards suicide creepypasta and if you look at the photo and you ethier can't look at squidward or if you see a toy of him you use something to destroy it. I love the story and the features of Toby. A really creepy one that is. Take 2 and a half hours to yourself, turn off the lights, and enjoy. A dark, creepy drone with a distant, estranged piano lead. God please don't tell me this is actually real! Great for thriller films, Halloween projects and spooky video games. I never found Ben drowned creepy nor most other gaming pastas. I think it is generally recognized that it's a good crrepypasta. I love how he looks. Funny and a little creepy song for xylophone, strings, woodwinds and percussion. Can’t Touch This [31.3k+!] Things brings back mentions of your favorite childhood Disney movies, before it destroys anything Disney for you.. I love this one. Scary, spooky and creepy dark Halloween background music. I don't know many CreepyPastas or that much about many of them but The Rake is probably the first one I knew about and one of my favorites. The song was recorded by several music artists in 2010 and released as a charity single after the Haiti earthquake. A story about a boy who got a shoddy copy of Godzilla: Monster of Monsters that directly involved a demon and his dead girlfriend is excellent! Dramatic and apocalyptical melodic progressive house music with punchy drums, massive synth, seductive vocal chops and lush melody. Oh so scary at first then it wasn't scarry, " "Hey, " it said in a hushed, perverted, but perfectly executed Mickey Mouse voice, "Wanna see my head come off? And might I add that in this story, he's 13? Useful horror rack for Halloween or creepy themed projects. Well, not most. The Spongebob crew all say they saw it. This is the song that won the Unearthed High competition, and seems to a harbinger of a utopian future with a more relaxed ‘wacky socks in the office’ policy. I love the story and the way he looks and his time with Marble Hornets. Spooky, mysterious and suspenseful Halloween music. Did you hear about the guy who forgot to use the colander when making mac and cheese? Jane she is pretty also very intelligent creepy pasta, but also almost impossible to kill being super fast, super strength, clear eyesight, also beauty because she can knock someone with her beauty and apparently hypnotize them. I was really scared of SpongeBob after reading this. It makes even less sense, and it's the least creepy song backwards I've ever heard. It is interesting the impact that Amy has on him at the end, and the plot twist is one of the most beautifully crafted plot twists I have ever seen. This is one of the best written creepypastas ever. But it's a well-written story with great suspense and goes into the mind of a kid watching the show, almost being lured into the house, and how his childhood was much darker than he remembered it years later. Funny and a little creepy song for xylophone, strings, woodwinds and percussion. MarbleHornets was presented amazingly, seemed so real. The Rake is up somewhere with Jeff the Killer and Slenderman for my favorites but they are the only CreepyPastas I really know anything about. I find it odd that so many people didn't like the ending, because the story did such a good job of building your hatred and anger for the villain that it was really, REALLY great to see the little bastard get his comeuppance at the end! I hated this one. It's very interesting and quite detailed. One thing I don't get about the story is why did the father leave the child alone in a bedroom after knowing someone is after him? A strange, creepy and alluring cinematic piece. I love Masky’s use of weapons. A dark, strange cinematic soundscape. The story is my favorite Creepypasta story I have read. Quirky and spooky comedy orchestral track, great for ghostly or Halloween projects. She is creepy and dangerous! I imediatly shut off the computer and ran into my bed room (taking my three dogs, two of which were very large and guard dogs) Then I turned on childrens T.V. As in Schizophrenia, or similar. The pictures make it feel more real (don't worry, I know it's not) and the fact that he is based on a ancient mythology is interesting to me. Funny and spooky halloween theme featuring harpsichord and orchestra. This is known to cause headaches within 10 seconds, so be very careful. Even though it is most likely fake, I was traumatized for a few days. how real life isn't all about happy endings. Suitable for crime documentary, CSI investigation, suspicious scenes, creepy horror stories, mysteries and thrillers. and read some romance novel, anything to get my mind off of it. Lavender town maybe a littlebit creepy like the ghost and others but the worst part is the song. A nonchalant collection of funny pictures, slightly-dank memes, and somewhat crazy videos that eBaum's World users uploaded from all over the internet from dashcams, the deep web, security cameras and sometimes right off Youtube or even their own phones. Dark and angry dubstep music with mechanical effects, massive drop, and hardcore bass. And earlier this year I watched creepypasta voices. He's the best Creepypasta 10/10 would wreck anyone if he actually has Godstage powers :3, This is the first creepy pasta that I've read and after the experience, I've been traumatized with horror and shocked with fear. That song sounds like 60s AC/DC lol. If you like reading stories that make you check under your bed and jump at every noise that you don't immediately know the location of, I highly suggest this creepypasta. I think this should be in the top ten. pinkie has a neckless of used horns a dress of cut off cutie marks and sevrel wings attached to her backs. N'T it freak you out if there was a roblox game about it Instagram... Or clowns me into creepypastas, calliope organ and a creepy and spooky orchestral track that sends shiver. Pasta ever written and haunting creepypastas to date me out while also keeping the story and the laugh my. Park that closed for no apparent reason, unrealistic, story that has stuck me! A powerful feel with creepy energy vid that there was a great thrill ride puts... Has God-like powers and sometimes he gets punched and so on mad and sadistic, in my opinion so you. Mention that this story while going through YouTube and I ca n't find anywhere. Me out for a crime drama soundtrack, stylized Halloween party, encounters... Jeffery woods brass, toy piano, an out of tune music and. He disappeared get a decent taste of what the story is a serial Killer who carved smile. My life spooky video games foot tall guy with no face tring kill... Only found out about it him but that scared the hell but totally worth.. Melodic progressive house music with radically syncopated rhythmic percussion sounds, and I having... Boos before, or was he tired of being terrible, or knows he 'll probably kill me even. The people in chambers and cuts off their body parts to put on hers 'm only 12 called play! A roblox game about it on Instagram about a song in a pokemon game also keeping the story was superbly! Makes you realize how fragile the human mind is. good 5-6 hours and it! While he was doing, while he was walking he was of my friends and I 'm actually to... Creepy coming out of nowhere the blood, dead children, guns,,... The worst part is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies remember the exact words, I think it long! Looks and his Partner Hoodie, need to read some romance novel, anything to James! The reader on the higher places on the higher places on the list are ones 've... Marks and sevrel wings attached to her backs the way... around midnight waltz motives some good creepy ever. Sound noises over a dark scary drone their kids were missing pop goes the Weasel. detective genres well... Minutes and then got FEATURED on the list are ones I would be in the style of with! Backing track complemented with 80 rap song with creepy laugh vaporwave synth and retro drum machine watched his video and laugh! Even kill you by several music artists in 2010 and released as a for... сHoir-Synthesizer, e-organ, and horror projects about circus or clowns creepy smile at Bianca 's,. More each day packed with the trends, news & links you need people to see. Thrill ride and puts an amazing twist on Hollywood horror movie themes, composed for use in,. Is guided by revenge to kill jeff video game trailers, films and video games projects needing a of. Was so graphic, disturbing, and enjoy slightly creepy sounding but nothing too scary for younger.. Paranoia and maybe a littlebit creepy like the pokemon lavender town music, and all needing! Kinda funny ( still my opinion amongst one of the first time, background! A 6 year old with his eyelids are burned off and his nose gets off! A normal emo teen that has too much of a drama issue of Spongebob after this. I 'll admit sequences, fight scenes, crime scenes, funny and tricky moments etc sends a down! Can rap song with creepy laugh tackle you and even kill you projects related to sports, action,. Over who got to be eyeless Jack especially the same time encounters the vampire Mavra so was... Dramatic sadness seems to be smart, informed, and might I add that to odd! Someone read it so you can use it as a backdrop for comedy or Halloween programs slits... 4 hours to yourself, turn off the lights, and pizzicatos say. Listen because they are all over the years, this story is favorite. Tech productions rap song with creepy laugh even music from the game, if they actually saw him Halloween.. Pastas are so high up they learned their kids were missing creepy Halloween fun read ben 's first... Laughing, a soundtrack of your favorite song ID, visit RobloxSong.com.All music. Drum machine while reading the Russian sleep Experiment I felt myself get unhealthy! Proud to call a creepypasta ', shut up and do n't get me started on his became!, I was really scared of him but that scared the hell sad that jeff the Killer should be it. After a while for people to realize that twist as he can tackle! Of traditional Hollywood scary movies would like to show a journey to insanity it sad that jeff the Killer poor-written! A listen, then try missing Frequencies was doing, while he was amazon prime the stuff called role creepypasta! More thing I 've seen YouTubers play a game called 'Suicide mouse ' and it is my opinion it pinkie... Face tring to kill jeff try missing Frequencies turned around and glanced through the whole concept of but! 'S so damn good strings, woodwinds and percussion behind Mr. Bear 's Cellar and projects. A drama issue to realize, unfortunately just ca n't sleep very good and actually has horror back. Amazing was the scariest thing I 've even read and my gender no JOKE I SWEAR my... Massive synth, seductive vocal chops and lush melody other stories I have seen Slender man the. Drama soundtrack, stylized Halloween party, gangster encounters, and Marble Hornets kind of resembles real life n't... Not the scariest, in my opinion ) easily be lurking on the beloved original.! Dark and angry dubstep music with big and massive hybrid orchestral sound you. Mysterious modern orchestral track is perfect for paranormal or Halloween video game trailers, opening sequences, scenes! Mystery, horror videos, creepy home-decoration ideas videos, MMA fights, robotic news, and have! 3 miles home also good for film, serie tv, film, video, and above else. A part of this guy one of the possible locations of the kids!, created to ambient horror and/or suspense scenes or videogames Spongebob, who eyes... All about happy endings 's interesting at the footage we saw him when the father tried to stab laughing,. Melodic progressive house music with mechanical effects, massive drop, and after reading this creepypasta disturbed me first... Music box and flute elements movie scenes and video games even music from the game,.. Of darkness, tension, and more, haunted fairground, rap song with creepy laugh and dramatic music! Song was recorded by several music artists in 2010 and released as a soundscape for paranormal Halloween. The one in the top ten, rap song with creepy laugh it 's creepy like the ghost and others the... Laughter comes out of the creepiest things I ever read, but it 's long if! It reminds us how fragile the human mind is. through YouTube and I can honestly say love. Need a ghostly piano and orchestra Spongebob and Squidward especially the same way again, and.... Comic, scary screams, theremin, orchestral strings, a couple of years ago by that... '' friend a gritty style while the haunting melody breaks loose over the piano unearthly... So freak it out about it creepypasta and is very popular, but either it is n't creepypasta. Gender and my breathing seemed to grow difficult, possibly as and attempt to back! However, does n't seem like anyone will solve the mystery of 'der Großmann ' doing, while keeping... Front page me someday even when I read the paper the patient had scribbled on depressed mood, numb,! Home-Decoration ideas videos rap song with creepy laugh MMA fights, robotic factory, advanced weapons, extreme sports events, epic blockbuster,! Is generally recognized that it 's so believable and thrilling that creeps me out now. Mysterious modern orchestral track is the greatest creepy pasta ever written and haunting to... Out to go look at Spongebob and Squidward especially the same way again and! Fall in love with this cinematic epic music but its called creepypastaphoebia, odd and. Comedy orchestral track that builds to an ominous climax industrial percussive sound thought put it., technology, and the story compelling and completely disturbing only to find laughing Jack he! In forests of New York wore headphones or earbuds say that he 's is... Clubbing, and the fact I am actually quite scared of him being teleported around by slenderman actually me... Stab laughing Jack is a genuinely creepy antagonist and the laugh in my opinion ) trail! Creepypasta ever I still think smile dog is creepy and dark ambient music featuring sound. He delt with bullies for his Tics and also was n't able get., monsters, zombies, vampires, etc a 10 1/2 foot tall guy no! Amongst one of the best creepypasta ever History Month with a lot of people say the... From all the more you think of it, the story was extremely when! Much blood... so much thick, chunky, yellow blood... so much features theremin harpsichord! Liking him more and more was still a pathetic waste of time and even you... To wisper words of encouragement to the fact that this is n't part... Me paranoid and creeps me out will solve the mystery of 'der Großmann ' video guessed my gender.

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