It was definitely time to invest in a ramp. Unfortunately the dog is still afraid to use it probably from falling down the same stairway. I have a 9 month old Pittie, Bella. Basically, she’s a big girl with sore knees. Best DIY Pet Ramp: Family Handyman Collapsible Dog Ramp. (Buster died of cancer...), Reply The top, which is the ramp your dog walks on; 4. Written instructions are great, but videos really show more of the building process. No flex = no wobble! It will relieve you from the worst feeling of watching your dog sitting on the ground in front of the SUV’s door. We’ll start off with something really easy and perfect if you have a smaller dog. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Custom ramp instructions (Google Translated to English), 14 DIY Dog Porch Potty & Grass Box Projects, 14 Dog Birthday Cake & Cupcake Homemade Recipes. Also to let us know (as loudly as possible) when our Amazon packages have arrived. I looked at the cost of these things and thought that $100.00 to $180.00 was too much to pay so I thought that I'd design my own with common items found at Home Depot. Now that you’ve got your materials and your tools all laid out in your makeshift shop, here’s how we built our own dog ramp, no blueprint or prototype needed. Ours ended up being exactly 17 inches wide. Just as your finishing the kitchen you’ve already begun tearing up the bathroom floor. 1x5 sides – 2 @ 12½ inches. We have just the solution. What are they called? You’ll find a perfect pet-sized ramp or stairs to give your pet the independence you both want. As you can imagine, it’s a nasty mess, especially with 3 active children in the house. It’s fairly simple too (even if your steps are concrete). Can anyone tell me what length I would need for 40 inch drop for 2 mini dachshunds? I feel like we’ve spent most of this list covering really detailed and work heavy builds. While this looks pretty similar to some of the other ramps on this list, I will say these build instructions are really helpful. My hubby is an over the road truck driver so he is rarely home long enough to build things for me so I have become quite good at it. 3. Remember, you can even make it wider by simply spreading out the two racks. 4. We looked at a collapsible pet ramp earlier, but this one takes it to the next level. 5. I am going for a 12ft ramp. As you can see from the photos, Boo took right to the ramp quite easily. Hoping you could help!I have steep (about 14 feet) and narrow (30 inches) stairs. 12 months ago 1x5 legs – 2 @ 15½ inches. It’s an unhealthy cycle. The carpet froze solid. The tarp/vinyl covering is a clever idea to ensure your ramp stands up again the weather (and time). 2. How to Build a Dog Ramp Illustration by Jennifer Stimpson. Sorry im not crafty at allThanks in advance. As I said last week, I have been lucky enough to score a few weeks off this summer while I am between jobs. We used the sample carpet sizing to determine the exact width. Plywood bottom – 1 @ 14x 31½ inches. When it comes to price, of course, you have to consider the cost of the ramp itself, as well as any additional expenses that you may incur with it. My intention was to be able to use the ramp to get our Shar-Pei, Buster (otherwise known as "Boo") in and out of our pickup truck so that he could have some relief from his tennis elbow and not have to deal with the constant impact on his joints. Cleverly using some IKEA boxes and shelves makes it easy to build. 2. I had been searching high and low for an inexpensive way to have my older kitties jump up on a deck. I bought those doggie steps for my cat and no go do you think one closet shelve would be wide enough for a 12 pd cat with severe hip dysplasia and arthritis ? I’ve included this link below. Cut List. More Ideas for an Inexpensive DIY Dog Ramp. If you’re handy, you can also opt to build a custom pet ramp for your furry friends. Start by measuring the pieces of wood you’ll need by marking them on the plywood with a pencil. This ramp is easy, budget friendly, and Dachshund approved. During an RV stay in Quartzsite, Arizona, we saw a gentleman named John setting up the DIY ramp pictured below for his dog. Then apply a coat of paint, and allow it to fully dry. Indestructible Basic Dog Ramp Instructions. Pet ramps are expensive! on Step 2. And that’s a trip to IKEA. And to ramp things down (yes, I just made that pun) he have our final project. But Make Something walks you through the process. You’ll need a saw, some clamps, a little patience, and definitely some accurate measuring skills. RC Arduino Domino Layer With Bluetooth App Control, Easier & safer for him to get in n out of the back the truck. How did people attach the ramp to the top stair? All went without a hitch and kitties liked it but then an ice storm hit. Source Image: Rails that attach to these sides and support the top; 3. Here is another diy floating dog ramp that is geared towards boating. Tape measure to measure the desired length and width on the plywood. 2″ x 2″ pieces of lumber for … on Step 1. Again, some construction experience and tools are required. Oh, and it only requires one trip to IKEA. 2 months ago. So if you have a need for a car or a bed ramp for your dog, give this one a go and save yourself a ton of money! Also worth checking out: DIY Grass Boxes & Porch Potties. There are two sets of these stairs to get to our apartment on the top floor. The dog will no longer use the outside steps and he is too heavy and big to carry. The information contained on is NOT meant to be a substitute for advice from your own veterinarian or dog trainer. If you’ve got lots of steps that need the full ramp treatment; this is the best video I’ve found. 3 months ago. Her Vet said that she should avoid climbing stairs. Solid triangular supports for the sides; 2. Don’t let this ramp fool you – it’s surprisingly easy to build. These three-ingredient frozen yogurt pet treats from Dalmatian DIY need a cute silicone mold, yet in all sincerity, any type of shape will do due to the fact that consuming them will certainly be the only thing on your pet’s mind. Additionally, you can also make the ramp wider by about four inches by simply spreading the wire shelves apart and zip tying them at that wider point. Made this ramp for dog. What if you need a ramp where you can easily adjust the angle? Share it with us! Steps to follow when building a dog ramp for an outdoor setting.When you want to build a dog ramp that is suitable for use in an outdoor setting, it is probable that you will want to build a ramp that can withstand harsh conditions. I just bought most of my materials but can't find the end caps you bought. Use your awl to open … It’s printed out like a recipe with 3d sketch ups of the ramp. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. These are all the different ramps we’ve found in our search; ranging from simple and easy, to beautiful and elaborate. An acquaintance recently told me that her special-needs dog was having a hard time getting on and off the couch because jumping was difficult. And both cats and dogs will not fall through the rungs of the ramp. It makes clever use of fishing line and gate hooks to keep it sturdy while upright. We chose to prime and paint our dog ramp but it could be stained as well. The Best Diy Dog Ramp for Car.It’s component plaything, part reward, with a complete offering of cuteness. My dog and the other dogs that have used his ramp, tend to be heavy weights and have no problem using the ramp. Or even to be folded away so you can clean underneath. I found this absolutely beautiful ramp in my search. and im sure my 40lb puppy would end up using. Eventually, the ramp was completely wrapped and all of the zip-ties were cut off and their edges rolled to be in positions so as to not be a cutting danger to anyone handling the ramp. Depending on what materials you already have, it will likely be cheaper than purchasing a similar model online. What made this the perfect ramp for us was how we could easily change the measurements to fit the size of our dogs, and the height of our bed. 26 days ago ; Following are some of our homemade designs. 1x5 leg crosspieces – 1 @ 14½ inches. Would love to hear your thoughts! ; You’ll save a bundle when you build such a ramp yourself. I am going to Lowe's tomorrow and getting what I need to make this. Our son and his family have an elderly and very large Newfoundland who injured himself going down stairs a while back. It will take time and patience. My dog is a darned good tennis player BTW. These slip on covers serve to protect our hardwood floors and the fabrics of our pickup truck seats. Build ramps, DIY ramps, dog ramps, puppies ramp, ramp for dogs DIY Dog Ramp Projects and Plans. Custom Measuring the Dog Ramp for Your Home. My dog and the other dogs that have used his ramp, tend to be heavy weights and have no problem using the ramp. We simply used an awe and poked holes in the carpet at about every fourth spacing in the wire itself and zip-tied the carpet to the ramp wire rods. Overall, this project was simple and took about an hour to construct. If you’re like me your house is constantly in between reno’s. 1x5 sides – 2 @ 45 inches. Now they’ve resigned themselves to allowing the dog to do his business in the house on puppy pads. I ordered some hind leg braces and decided to repurpose some plywood and aluminum shed supports- I'll post my Frankenstein-like creation in the next few days , Question I borrowed a circular saw and a drill. This DIY dog ramp is built to lay against the existing stairs, so you don’t need to update and cut into existing stairs. 7 weeks ago. There are many more ways to design the perfect dog ramp for your SUV. We also bought the rubber end covers for the exposed wire rod ends. Smaller dogs or certain breeds that develop problems with their joints can find it difficult to get into the car, on top of the bed or in other areas and it would be very nice for you as an owner and friend to build a ramp for them to use. Often times she’ll do a full leap off the bed and we were terrified she would hurt her little legs. She's having a hard time getting on sofa, my bed and outside patio chair I would like to try to make a couple of them. It’s literally some creates stacked up with a fabric covering. That should be about a 17-degree slope. We have a dachshund that believes she can fly. So my wife and I walked the aisles of Home Depot looking for parts and pieces that we could use to make a ramp for our dog, We found six foot closet shelves that went for ten bucks each and bought two of them to interlace, zip-tie and use as the ramp structure itself. We ended up paying $15 to build this ramp, and I couldn’t be happier. I saw this one and said to myself, "This is the one." Along with awesome members-only discounts. There’s a ramp here for everyone (and every doggo). Maybe you need the ramp to be portable and usable for various couches and beds. What’s even better is the detailed build instructions making it even easier to replicate. 3 months ago, Absolutely! 5 weeks ago And also make them portable so I can use them on the first set of stairs, then move it to second? 3. Visit this site for details: […] Reply. We are attempting to stabilize the bottom because it’s wobbly over the steps. Poor pup! This ramp was designed for a cat, but who says cat’s get all the nice things? It’s a little more precise and professional. We have a few older dogs in our home, including one with sore hips. He is now going up and down the front steps which are less steep but not the most convenient. This ramp was specifically designed for an 80 pound Rhodesian mix that ACL surgery. Definitely wanting to get an apartment more main floor in future, but right now can't afford the move so looking to do something to help her and stumbled upon this! What a blessing! You can assist them in their obligations by contributing a full time window seat. We used some scrap studs, plywood, and carpet (from a renovation years ago) to build this. Dallas and I kicked off this extended vacation with twelve days at my parents’ lake house in New Brunswick. And both cats and dogs will not fall through the rungs of the ramp.Use your awl to open holes for the zip ties then once in place, cut the zip ties with a wire cutter (or a scissor) and blunt the sharp corners with a cigarette lighter so they won't cut you later I hope this helps! But good news that he's using the front stairs at least! My 5 year old dog was recently diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and we live on a third floor walk up apartment. Those zip ties can slice you open if you are not careful, so make sure you position those cut ends so as to be completely safe for you and your pet. For the specific size ramp we created, we used the following sizes: Two angled sides measuring 72’’ (L) X 29’’ (H) X 16’’ (Platform) X 59” (Ramp) 16 X 59 inch ramp; 16 X 16 platform; 16 X 29 inch back panel It collapses or extends in one smooth motion. Either way, it’s a nice looking build with attention to detail, and it’s easy to build. Jan 6, 2017 - DIY Dog Ramp by Step by step tutorial on how to build a ramp for about $60 (assuming you have the tools already). This wooden ramp takes just a few hours to construct. on Step 2. Question What type of carpet is best for a cat? 1. Best DIY Dog Ramp For High Bed from DIY Dog Ramp Kol s Notes. Jun 6, 2020 - Explore Peter Torres's board "Dog ramp diy" on Pinterest. 2 months ago, it helps, Reply Good luck completing the ramp and getting him to use it. It’s a simple two-piece ramp that can fold away for easy storage. Unfortunately, my Spanish is a little rusty. John not only allowed us to take a photo, but also gave us permission to describe how he had built this ramp. How To Make a DIY Dog Ramp. It breaks my heart watching her 'trying to get away from the pain' even though she is on a pain/inflammation medicine. All totaled, this ramp cost us less that $32.00 including the carpet, the two closet shelves, the rubber shelf end plugs and the zip-ties. My husband and I are going to try to make this ramp wider and longer since the rise of the stairs is 44 inches. A ramp can be a huge help for any dog having trouble handling steps, getting into the car, or climbing furniture. 6 months ago. Because it's temporary for the injury I cant stomach $200 for a ramp.. I loved this idea and went right out to get the supplies. Now I see that someone built some similar but with pool noodles going horizontally and vertically. And our bed is incredibly tall. 19 DIY Dog Ramps & Steps (For Bed and Stairs) | PlayBarkRun Although you can buy dog ramps from stores, they are relatively simple to make at home out of plywood and wood boards. This is great project for older dogs with old bones that need a little help. We removed the hinges to make it easier to paint, but it’s not necessary. While we found a few pre-made solutions at the store – they were quite expensive, not very sturdy, and never the right size or height. See more ideas about dog ramp, diy dog stuff, pet ramp. While most ramps are designed to help your pup get in and out of bed, what about those that struggle with stairs? Who says a dog ramp can’t also be practical? Not to mention a Dachshund that likes to leap off the bed (which is just a little bit concerning). 6 months ago. How to make a dog ramp. And I found that I could sell it at my garage sale for forty bucks... can’t lose no way, no how! I'm a gal in my early 60's with hand strength issues but quite handy at times I have no help so would this be too difficult for me to make? Answer I used the widest racks I could find at Lowe’s and put one on top of the other with cheap outdoor carpet pieces from Walmart on top. Any suggestions on how to attach to wood stairs?? You simply assemble the shelves using some premade crates, then just lean a ramp over the side (and secure it down). Thanks so much. She wasn't familiar with dog ramps, so I told her about the low-cost DIY dog ramp we created to help ease … Follow the video tutorial and step-by-step plans below to build one for your best friend. Instructions on how to make the adjustable ramp. We also purchased a six foot by two foot piece of outdoor carpet for the main anti-slip surfacing for the ramp assembly. We’re trying some old wooden and plastic bed risers right now. Thank you so much for posting this instructable!!!!! At least you can repurpose those old cabinets (or anything else solid enough) for your next mini-project (a mini-ramp), which will give you 10x the satisfaction. Going from super easy to something a little more elaborate. DIY Dock Ramp for Dogs . So it’s perfect if you have multiple dogs stampeding towards your bed. DIY Dock & Boat Ramp for Dogs. Thank you for the tutorial. They are really simple to make, I found some shortcuts for part of the measuring that would likely make a carpenter cringe. That being said; this project isn’t terribly difficult (if you’ve got a little bit of building experience). Answer So let’s build something that just about anyone can handle. It’s rock solid. ; It doesn’t take specialized woodworking skills and we walk you through each step. Question Here it is: The ultimate weenie ramp. Our instructions are easy to follow, allowing you to create a number of different kinds of ramps. Nov 6, 2016 - Free plans for building dog ramps from around the web. 3 months ago Reply My dog’s self proclaimed life duty is to carefully watch the squirrels and bunnies from the front window. Do you think this would work on a stairway? All these instructions are great, but this one is a little different. Did you make this project? While researching dog ramps and reeling at the prices, I did a search for DIY ramps. Hey! Lots of pictures and detailed write ups make this build a breeze. PLEASE tell me you were successful :). Step 1: Measure and cut the plywood. Read more. It works equally well for small and big dogs. Mobile dog ramps are easy to move, and will allow you to safely access your dog anywhere without having to take them on a long walk. Most bed ramps are a permanent structure. I think I'll give pool noodles a try going horizontally to give kitties something to keep from sliding down. I have 3 dogs one is 15 and doesn't do stairs anymore. We have a 110lb guy with an injured leg and we will NOT resign to allowing him to use piddle pads. He had built it to help Nugget, his older Australian Shepherd mix, get into the extended cab of his pickup truck. This bedside dog ramp is a sturdy, reliable project that you can build in an afternoon. Build a dog ramp using our homemade dog ramp designs! Here are the steps to follow and the required tools.Required tools/materials: 1. Hi, cute Bat dog!! If the simple ramp without stairs is not quite what you need, simply use another sheet of plywood and/or more beams in order to create a suitable base and stairs. Reply Download printable cut list and plan here. Fill nail holes with putty then sand smooth once it's dry. While dogs are known for their high energy and being very dynamic, they sometimes need a bit of extra help to get on certain surfaces. A sturdy dog ramp is the best way of resolving the hard time getting the dog into the vehicle. She was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. Terms and Privacy. Question on Step 2. DIY Dog Ramp Ideas For Pooches that Need a Bit Of Extra Help Getting Around says: 20 … Whether your dog is getting older or just a little on the smaller side, getting on and off the bed can be a bit of a challenge. It follows the same idea as the previous one, but bigger. All content is for informational purposes only. DIY Dog Ramp 01:26 This DIY dog ramp makes it easy for Fido to reach the bed without hurting his precious joints. Does this wobble at all when Boo walks on it? 5 weeks ago. With that being said: this one is for people with building experience. So I definitely wanted to include a few build vids. By the way, if you want the carpeting to completely cover the assembly, then you will need to purchase a piece that's about two feet-eight inches wide. Thankfully (through the power of the internet) we can use Google Translate to get a pretty good english version. You’ll have to see the full build to see what I mean. The shelving is hardened steel that does not flex. It can work just as well for a small dog (medium to large dogs might need something a little more sturdy). Super easy and cheap. Is outdoors carpet best? Sorry for all the questions All suggestions is greatly appreciated I don't have a awl, would anything else work?

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