Let's take a look. I guess that's the punishment for our roles in the Schism – being pushed aside and forced to watch, Eden said, referring to the war that severed the two realms completely from one another. In 368 Theodosius was sent to drive back the invaders; in this he was completely successful, and established a new British province, called Valentia, in honour of the emperor. The Phaleric wall, proving indefensible, was abandoned towards the close of the Peloponnesian war; with the other two walls it was completely destroyed after the surrender of the city, and was not rebuilt when they were restored by Conon in 393 B.C. In higher forms the conducting strands of the leaves are continued downwards into the stem, and eventually come into connection with the central hydrom cylinder, forming a complete cylindrical investment apparently distinct from the latter, and exhibiting a differentiation into hydrom, leptom and amylom which almost completely parallels that found among the true vascular plants. Until now she had been completely secluded. In 1490 a treaty was signed at Damme between the people of Bruges and the archduke Maximilian, and very soon after this event the channel became completely closed up, and the foreign merchant gilds or "nations" left the place for Antwerp. They were from completely different backgrounds. The form j is completely defined by the relation (f,j) 3 =o as no other covariant possesses this property. He looks like a completely different person to what he was before. 5. I had the poison completely out of you. For example, *When his sister arrived cannot stand alone. The latter façade was completely reconstructed upon 2200 piles driven to great depths, with the result that the general harmony of the monument - the effect of time and of atmospheric conditions - was completely lost. I've been breaking kayfabe a lot lately and it's bad, Gurwitsch's notion of the perceptual noema as a, What more could a girl want? The climate of the east coast is on the whole considerably more arctic than that of the west coast on corresponding latitudes; the land is much more completely snowcovered, and the snow-line goes considerably lower. the tissueo are completely formed much nearer to the apex, than is the case in the stem. Japanese people have some verbs whose English equivalents are close to completely or absolutely, with some middle ground. In other insects the imaginal disks are less completely disconnected from the superficies of the larval hypodermis, and may indeed be merely patches thereof. Yet no part of him regretted the idea of chopping them out of the picture completely. Ordinarily a substance composed of asymmetrical molecules is paramagnetic, but if the elementary magnets are so conditioned by their strength and concentration that mutual action between them is possible, then the substance is ferromagnetic. A little farther down it becomes completely navigable, and attains a breadth of 4200 ft.; but between the village of Ostrovki and that of Ust-Tosna it passes over a limestone bed, which produces a series of rapids, and reduces the width of the river from 1050 to 840 and that of the navigable passage from 350 to 175 ft. At a later date other experimentalists found, however, that an equal thickness of sea-water interposed between a primary and secondary circuit completely prevented similar inductive intercommunication. Justin's world was completely different than hers. And yet, the guilt never completely left. The evolution of mathematical thought in the invention of the data of analysis has thus been completely traced in outline. Why had they allowed themselves to completely lose control? He loves fish tacos. 2. Hind foot long and narrow, mainly composed of the strongly developed fourth toe, terminating in a conical pointed nail, with a strong pad behind it; the first toe represented by a rudimentary metatarsal; the remaining toes completely developed, with claws, but exceedingly slender; the united second and third reaching a little way beyond the metatarso-phalangeal articulation of the fourth; the fifth somewhat shorter. They'd be completely cut off from either deity in the underworld. Was he ignoring her, or was his mind completely occupied with grief at the moment? The Nature of the Organization of Ilte Plant, and the Relations of the Cell-Membrane and the Protoplasm.This view of the structure of the plant and this method of investigation lead us to a greatly modified conception of its organization, and afford more completely an explanation of the peculiarities of form found in the vegetable kingdom. He was right, but deep inside she hadn't completely accepted the fact that they wouldn't have one of their own. On fusion with solid potash at 250° C. it completely decomposes, giving potassium oxalate and hydrogen, C2H602-1-2KHO =K2C204+4H2. He struggled against the darkness, trying to rally his fury to keep from falling completely unconscious after her blow. I was completely taken back. completely; absolutely Examples of Utterly in a sentence Juliet was utterly in love with Romeo, completely captivated and willing to give her life if they couldn’t be together. Still more difficult would it be to find an instance in history of the aim of an historical personage being so completely accomplished as that to which all Kutuzov's efforts were directed in 1812. CK 1 2273086 Tom is completely sober. complete. It's a nice house, a keen house, complete with a front porch and swing. She completely abandoned her Tuesdays at home, and did not return the visits of those who had called upon her. is an independent clause. 3. Snow completely covered the town. Meantime his Arabian wife discovered the plan and escaped to her father, who made war on Herod, and completely defeated his army. His immense learning served him rather as a storehouse of illustrations, or as an armoury out of which he could choose the fittest weapon for discomfiting on opponent, than as a quarry furnishing him with material for building up a completely designed and enduring edifice of systematized truth. He'd spent his life relatively alone, crossing between the underworld and human world as needed. The kitchen had been completely remodeled and there was a ceiling fan in every room. The room was lit by a hearth and one oil pan, but it smelled completely of her. Until his fiery energy made itself felt, hardly any army on either side actually suffered rout; but at Marston Moor and Naseby the troops of the defeated party were completely dissolved, while at Worcester the royalist army was annihilated. The opening was filled with ferns which completely covered the beds of limestone and in places hid the streams. Rosenberg (1909) adduces evidence fox the existence of chromosomes or prochromosomes in resting nuclei in a large number of plants, but most observers consider that the chromosomes during the resting stage become completely resolved into a nuclear network in which no trace of the original chromosomes can be seen. The vegetation of Krakatoa was completely exterminated in 1883 by a thick coat of red-hot pumice. 6. He had no intention of bringing Kris to meet Darkyn, not when he didn't know what Darkyn wanted. Sometimes you have to be hard on yourself, but you can change it completely. The city was founded in 1736, but was completely destroyed by fire in 1832. Her attention was completely diverted from Yancey. I hope that, when I've built up my savings, I'll be able to travel to Mexico. Another word for completely. Katie frowned. He felt completely depleted of his power, the sense of being fully human again returning. 2. of this solution is completely reduced by o 05 grammes of hexose. Of the other works, never yet completely edited, the best editions are, for the Heptameron, Leroux de Lincy (1855); for the Lettres, Genin (1841-1842); and for the Marguerites, &c., Frank (1873), English translations of the Heptameron are rather numerous: one appeared in 1887 by A. (Xen. By this time he had completely lost the royal favour. Most of the species, particularly the specialized types, are more or less completely herbivorous. After the war its activity was shown by an increasing number of assassinations, burnings and other outrages, until by 1875 it completely dominated the mining classes and forced a general strike in the coal regions. Blaming herself for taking his mind off of their survival, she fell silent and followed him. If her look portrayed honesty, Dean's statement caught her completely off balance. She studied her new boss, for the first time completely aware of his features. At the end of the week the prince reappeared and resumed his former way of life, devoting himself with special activity to building operations and the arrangement of the gardens and completely breaking off his relations with Mademoiselle Bourienne. Napoleon, therefore, had Prussia completely at his mercy; and his conditions to that power bore witness to the fact. It doesn’t matter in which area your career is, the content of the works should always be error-free and completely … Wolfert was completely done over. He sustained an injury which will take a month to heal completely.. Dresden was the last great victory of the First Empire, By noon on the 27th August the Austrians and Russians were completely beaten and in full retreat, the French pressing hard behind them, but meanwhile Napoleon himself again succumbed G Beereri B eip \ ii g? Memon paid his son no heed, focused completely on Taran. The registry of the citizens, the suppression of litigation, the elevation of public morals, the care of minors, the retrenchment of public expenses, the limitation of gladiatorial games and shows, the care of roads, the restoration of senatorial privileges, the appointment of none but worthy magistrates, even the regulation of street traffic, these and numberless other duties so completely absorbed his attention that, in spite of indifferent health, they often kept him at severe labour from early morning till long after midnight. "To be a soldier, just a soldier!" Completely free, she relaxed and accepted a glass of champagne from one of the wait staff and waded toward the buffet. I thought you did at first and I'll admit, I'm not completely certain things might not break bad, but for now, I'm fine. An hour later, she left the medical facility, completely healed though still exhausted. Still the conflict continued, but at last La Palisse, with all the gendarmerie still in hand, rode completely round the entrenchments and charged the Spaniards' rear again. All the surviving forms, however, have a completely established double system with the specific characters alluded to, and since there is every reason to believe that the conditions of evolution of the primitive Pteridophyte must have been essentially similar to those of the Bryophytes, the various stages in the evolution of the conducting system of the latter (p. 732) are very useful to compare with the arrangements met with in the former. Yet he moved as if he were completely healed. In many Leptomedusae the otocysts are very small, inconspicuous and embedded completely in the tissues; hence they may be easily overlooked in badly-preserved material, and perhaps are present in many cases where they :: r simplest condition of the otocyst is a freely projecting club, a so-called (figs. It is a striking example of the difficulty of getting people to use their own powers of investigation accurately, that this form of the doctrine of evolution should have held its ground so long; for it was thoroughly and completely exploded, not long after its enunciation, by Caspar Frederick Wolff, who in his Theoria generationis, published in 1759, placed the opposite theory of epigenesis upon the secure foundation of fact, from which it has never been displaced. The working of it is not at all completely understood at present, nor can we say exactly what is the part played by the pigment and what is the rfile of the protoplasm of the plastid. It has been completely preserved in the original. "The situation seems completely desperate" is a complete sentence, not a part of a sentence. Completely unguarded, her gray eyes were large and clear in the early morning light and her features relaxed. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "completely bald" in a sentence John started losing his hair in his twenties, and was completely bald by the age of thirty-five. It was the first time she had used his first name, and it came completely unbidden. "I've completely forgotten what I should tell her," she said. Her paranoia faded with the first round of beers and disappeared completely by the third. Captain Barclay, after a hot engagement - the Battle of Lake Erie - in which Captain Perry's flagship the "Lawrence," a brig, was so severely shattered that he had to leave her, was completely defeated. After the disaster at Flodden he was completely absorbed in public business. 4, f), which form a series extending completely round the inner face of the depending mantle FIG. SENTENCE STRUCTURE CHECKER: It is a problem that can completely change the meaning of your article. Another word for fully. in in spite of extreme severity, justifiable in the circumstances, it l four ot fIve years completely to suppress the movement. The city was completely destroyed and partly submerged by the great earthquake of the 28th of October 1746, in which about 6000 persons perished. 4. Completely forgetting about the past is tossing away a valuable lesson. This theory Gibbon completely exploded in his Critical Observations (1770) - no very difficult task, indeed, but achieved in a style, and with a profusion of learning, which called forth the warmest commendations both at home and abroad. And it’s completely grammatically correct. In the second, which took place in the Church of St John and St Paul, and lasted three days, he undertook to refute innumerable errors in Aristotelians, mathematicians and schoolmen, to conduct his dispute either logically or by the secret doctrine of numbers, &c. According to Aldus, who attended the debate and published an account of it in his dedication to Crichton prefixed to Cicero's "Paradoxa" (1581), the young Scotsman was completely successful. Statistics collected in 1893-1894 and 1896 revealed the existence of 1831 libraries, either private (but open to the public) or completely public. Sentence Examples. 2. was forced to cede Shirvan and Kurdistan in 1611; the united armies of the Turks and Tatars were completely defeated near Sultanieh in 1618, and Abbas made peace on very favourable terms; and on the Turks renewing the war, Bagdad fell into his hands after a year's siege in 1623. Other consignments of intending settlers in " New Australia " followed; but though the settlement is still in existence it has completely failed to realize the impracticable ideals of its original members. In the north part of the east coast, in the region of Scoresby Fjord and Franz Josef Fjord, numerous ruins of Eskimo settlements are found, and in 1823 Clavering met Eskimo there, but now they have either completely died out or have wandered south. "I've woken your gift completely," he said. What would it be like to really be with someone like Xander, who loved so deeply and completely, he'd only done it once? During his brief administration Vitellius showed indications of a desire to govern wisely, but he was completely under the control of Valens and Caecina, who for their own ends encouraged him in a course of vicious excesses which threw his better qualities into the background. She'd thought the planet completely dead, but there was a bright patch of green grass beneath her and the pod. After three years with Johnny, I was completely fucked up. Examples of completely in a sentence: 1. Find more ways to say completely, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The visceral hump forms a low conical dome above the subcircular foot, and standing out all round the base of this dome so as completely to overlap the head and foot, is the circular mantle-skirt. Appendages of 2nd pair very large and completely chelate, their basal segments meeting in the middle line, as in the Uropygi, and provided in front with membranous lip-like processes underlying the proboscis. It was light enough that she felt naked, especially with the cut that left her back, arms and shoulders completely exposed. But the whole is more completely presented in the Vatican MS. 91. At the same time he heard that Pahlen's Cossacks had been withdrawn forty-eight hours previously, thus completely exposing his flank. Only this time, he'd gone too far with her to completely walk away. They say that characters were engraven on the bathing tub of King Tchingthang to this effect: "Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.". A number of whole towns such as English, Indiana, have been, The action plans have generally been viewed as a success, although the work is not finished and all goals are not, The 56 smallest of these, as measured by their housing stock and tax assessments, were, The Spanish colonial leaders, in turn, could not, The French and Spanish successfully took several West Indian islands and appeared to be on the verge of, Areas such as playing fields and golf courses are excluded unless, Ireland won the first game, the second game could not be finished due to rain and the last match was, This glacier was discovered in 2002 to be shrinking rapidly, and by 2007 had, The passive voice, which was mostly synthetic in classical Latin, has been, The fight was stopped at the end of the ninth round, when Eubank's left eye closed, The All Blacks had been unbeaten in 20 matches but were, The LSO arranged a series of concerts conducted by Wood, with whom the orchestra was, When the Second World War broke out the orchestra's plans had to be almost, This is especially true of Wagner's Bayreuth Festspielhaus where the pit is almost, The text of one song, The Long Whip, seems to have been lost, Emotionally, according to some commentators, Britten never, The first idea was perhaps developed most highly and, One can hear the echoes of King Lear as well as the, If it hadn't been for Bonnie's matrimania, in which I was, During his lifetime, Bentham's codification efforts were, Once sold in every pub, mild experienced a sharp decline in popularity after the 1960s and was in danger of, At this point, it becomes important to exclude airborne acetic bacteria, so vats are filled, Their appearance ranges from cloudy with sediment to, The manship of Jesus was hid from the eyes of men as, In the Netherlands, the Boeman is portrayed as a creature that resembles a man, dressed, Ornament is also normally in the classical tradition, but typically rather restrained, and sometimes almost, In September 1872 a large portion of the Trinity Chapel roof was, Most of Henry's work survives, and only two of the nine towers he constructed have been, Our future may lie beyond our vision, but it is not, It should not have been omitted that previous to, Lieutenant KERRY immediately maneuvered his craft through several strafing runs which, Compings should never be memorized but should be applied in a, In the giant chiton, Cryptochiton, this girdle has expanded so as to, Since a booketeria is a self-service library, it operates, You're never sure that what you'll see will be, The Venetian blinds and the drapes, she thought, would, He had also thought that the Indian Ocean was, In 1613, Dutch trading posts on the Essequibo and Corantijn Rivers were, During Isabella's reign, the role of this second category was, Long stretches of the Spanish and Italian coasts were almost, During the Yuan period, Beijing became the terminus of the Grand Canal of China, which was, During his reign, the Grand Canal was almost, Long stretches of the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish coasts were almost, Ousia is essence or being, in Eastern Christianity, and is the aspect of God that is, In addition, peat bogs form in areas lacking drainage and hence are characterized by almost, On 18 April 1999 the Swiss population and the cantons voted in favour of a, Ibn Khaldun noted that the lands ravaged by Banu Hilal invaders had become, Except for the fact that he was not considered Roman, Odoacer's ethnic origins are not, Surface survey cannot detect sites or features that are, After Alexander's death his economic policies were, They showed their prowess during this siege by jumping from the wall and directly into the enemy despite being, There are few and modest grave goods, with the weapon deposits characteristic of migration period graves, Only a few documents in Gothic survive, not enough for, By the end of the reign of Cunincpert, however, the Lombards were more or less, It seems to have taken effect earliest and most, These and other good deeds and charitable frame of mind, The shared features of languages which belong to the same typological class type may have arisen, Admission to these fairs is typically free, and the camps on display vary in their cost from, After the outbreak, the World Health Organization stated that it was a, A complete new concrete walkway was built, and the new station is made, The French were totally unprepared to resist an assault, and had been taken, Following the Battle of Chandalore when Clive attacked a French trading post the French were driven, In some cases the original remains of the organism, If the commission's recommendations had been carried out the county map of England would have been, Taxicabs in less developed places can be a, They can be covered in shallow water, but in the summer and fall, they can be, The feet have no hind toe and the three anterior toes are, Geologists say that due to erosion, the Cape will be, This means that while incineration does not, This boundary layer can separate from the surface, essentially creating a new surface and, Yet United may have paid the price for overconfidence as they, They continued to have their own law and became almost, In the second, the impoundment dams are expensive to construct, natural water cycles are, However, there are problems with the system and the effects of fishing on the Barents Sea ecosystem are not, The Mediterranean outflow water layer can be traced for thousands of kilometres west of the strait, before, The Middle Atlas is a portion of the Atlas mountain range lying, The core may be microscopically small and is sometimes, It is partly covered by sea ice throughout the year and almost, The genome of Picea abies was sequenced in 2013, the first gymnosperm genome to be, They start feeding themselves partly after one or two days, and sustain themselves, Old badgers sometimes have their hind claws almost, Some tails are prehensile, as in the Eurasian harvest mouse, and the fur on the tails can vary from bushy to, They are generally dark with a light tip, with some forms having, Clarkson crashed the Transit into the back of the car, and May's LDV was, She had poor hearing since childhood due to measles, and by the 1940s she was almost, Some of the Lancasters carried Tallboy bombs, and as a result, the harbour and the surrounding area were, As a result, German supply lines for food and other supplies through France were, For the subsidised schools, the main costs such as the teacher's wages and building maintenance, Flanders is a highly urbanised area, lying, Even if both shots had penetrated Kearsarge's side, they would have, After a couple of years without pruning, the shrub had grown overlarge and, The new city hall was built on the almost, Any Pictish names that existed before the arrival of Scandinavian settlers on Eday appear to have been, The subsequent investigation determined that the explosion was probably accidental, though sabotage could not be, The jaws have euhyostylic type suspension, which relies, Maia presented four options from abandoning Lisbon to building a, Before the Reform Bill anything resembling the neurosis of English Basileolatry was even more, Despite his antitheological bias, James recognized that he could not, Under those circumstances, her actions were, Nicholas Brooks, another historian, is not so sure that there was such a synod, but does not, It came without warning, and she seemed to collapse on, When my dad found out I had failed the exams, he, When you think about all she's done for the sport, it's kind of sad, but she's, When the Oldham and Rochdale Line was converted from a railway however, all of the former railway stations were, Crew sizes have decreased throughout history, with some modern systems now running, Second, the diversity of life is not a set of, The shoulder harness may attach to the lap belt tongue, or it may have a tongue and buckle, Vacuums by their nature cause dust to become airborne, by exhausting air that is not. Pierre's confusion had now almost vanished, but at the same time he felt that his freedom had also completely gone. 11) the fleet of Alva on the Zuyder Zee was Alva with- completely defeated by the Sea-Beggars and its Death of seas. The relations between general theory and special studies conducted on the lines we have indicated have completely changed. Deidre emerged into the living room and turned around once completely, not expecting the views of the city from the bank of windows along one wall. As an international force Russia had been, of course, all but completely crippled by the outcome of the Japanese War and the subsequent revolution. Grief had overwhelmed her so completely, it was like a bad dream she could not shake off. In order to dominate the Sacred College more completely he created twelve new cardinals, among them his own son Cesare, then only eighteen years old, and Alessandro Farnese, the brother of Giulia Bella, one of the pope's mistresses, creations which caused much scandal. When heated in a sealed tube at 120° C. it is completely converted into the ordinary form. When the subject came up, though, it was completely unplanned. 2.) She had completely lost me. completely definition: 1. in every way or as much as possible: 2. in every way or as much as possible: . 92. Completely out of her mind. In dilute solution such substances as hydrochloric acid and potash are almost completely dissociated, so that, instead of representing the reaction as HC1+KOH = KC1 d-H20, we must write The ions K and Cl suffer no change, but the hydrogen of the acid and the hydroxyl (OH) of the potash unite to form water, which is only very slightly dissociated. Completely. It may open either forward or backwards; and although present in the great majority of the species, and enclosing the teats, it may, as in many of the opossums, be completely absent, when the teats extend in two rows along the whole length of the under-surface of the body. In the spring of 1568 Louis invaded Friesland, and at Heiligerlee, on the 23rd of May, completely defeated a Spanish force under Count Aremberg, who was killed. Biting mandibles; second maxillae incompletely or completely fused; often forming a suctorial proboscis. The words are as follows: - " This letter I sent through Clement the blessed presbyter, a man virtuous and tried, whom ye know and will come to know completely, who being here by the providence and guidance of the Ruler of all strengthened and increased the church of the Lord.". The stills were formerly completely bricked in, so that the vapours should be kept fully heated until they escaped to the condenser, but since the introduction of the " cracking process," the upper part has usually been left exposed to the air. We're not paupers, at least not completely. But so long as Piedmont was not completely crushed none of the princes dared to take decisive measures against their subjects; in spite of Custozza, Charles Albert still had an army, and Austria, with revolutions in Vienna, Hungary and Bohemia on her hands, could not intervene. CK 1 2218128 You're completely crazy. 2. 93. His features were emotionless, his body not yet relaxed completely again. We all agreed; it was a magnificent evening. Simple Sentences with “sadly” A simple sentence with “sadly” contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. In addition to these modifications, which are common to nearly all orchids, there are others generally but not so universally met with; among them is the displacement of the flower arising from the twisting of the inferior ovary, in consequence of which the flower is so completely turned round that the "lip," which originates in that part of the flower, conventionally called the posterior or superior part, or that S c ? The apparently structureless substance is saturated with it; and if once a cell is completely dried, even at a low temperature, in the enormous majority of cases its life iS gone and the restoration of water fails to enable it to recover. Gurgling water, strips of sward and tall forest trees, backed by green hills, make a scene completely unlike the usual monotony of Persian landscape. The attempt was not completely successful; but the government was now equally divided between the two estates by the creation of a supreme magistracy of twenty-four citizens - twelve nobles and twelve popolani. Thus in the end of the 17th century the seed was sown which has at intervals brought forth recurrent crops of evolutional hypotheses, based, more or less completely, on general reasonings. Maybe she couldn't make the ugly beast go away completely, but she had learned to control it. Inside, the house smelled of fresh paint and it looked completely different. I have completely recovered. But carriage roads in the Ottoman dominions are seldom completely made, and hardly ever kept in repair. From this time, with the exception of brief intervals, his mind was completely clouded, and the duties of government were undertaken by his brother William (afterwards emperor), who on the 7th of October 1858 was formally recognized as regent. They gradually lost their original significance, and the custom, where it survives, has become completely vulgarized. The emperor now pressed on towards Friedland, where he would completely control the Russian communications with Konigsberg, their immediate base of supply, but for once the Russians outmarched him and covered their movement so successfully that for the next three days he seems to have completely lost all knowledge of his enemy's whereabouts.

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